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Anthem for Seppe Van Holsbeke // Fencing @ the Olympic games 2016 in Rio
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Lyrics: Saimn-I // LtotheCee
Produced and concept: WuduB!? and LtotheCee
Mastered by Dimitri Andreas at the White Cabin




Sabre them down weh mi seh sabre dem down
Captain zeppos ina fencin’ him wear di crown
Sabre them down weh mi seh sabre dem down
Aimin’ for Olympic gold rio here we come


This is da story of the fencin’ champ outta Belgium
He is invincible no one will ever beat him
In the duel of the swordsmen there is no competition
Now he’s going to Brazil as di Belgian champion
Huey, Duey and Louie were his inspiration
To start fencin’ soon he became number one
Faster than the speed of light and pure stamina
Sabre dem down like a real warrior
A dream come true, sabre and white suit
Captain zeppos started fencin’ from whe he was just a youth
Now he’s going to Brazil to win da medal that’s the truth
Beating down competition it is so that him do it
Olympic dream it’s the Olympic dream
Now he’s going to Brazil with nuff selfesteem
Faster than light, he is faster than light
Going for the gold so rio better hold tight

Lyrics LtotheCee

Yes Seppa This ones for you
Sending you love with this tune
So no matter what my friend,
we stick with you untill the end
Go for it, Fight, Sabre them down

Chorus (Saimn-I)

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